How to polish aluminum fuel tanks

Are you tired of having a dull-looking fuel tank? Are you wondering how to get that aluminium to shine? In this article, we will discuss a simple way to clean and polish aluminium fuel tanks.

Remove all contaminants and residue on the tank by scrubbing it heavily with steel wool and a metal brush. This should bring off almost anything.

If there are hard to reach places or cracks and crevices, apply a lime-cleaning agent to the end of a toothbrush and scrub thoroughly. You may have to put some of the cleaning agent directly onto the metal and allow it to soak in.

Remove all contaminant particles by rubbing the surface with a rag soaked with a deep metal cleaner. An easy way to do this is to begin at one point of the tank and work your way outward from that point. Be sure not to miss any spots, as this will greatly affect the quality of your polishing.

Using a microfiber rag, apply a thin coat of aluminium polish to the tank. Again, work your way from one point outward. Keep rubbing with the rag until you can't see any more polish residue.

After the polish has dried, apply a coat of spray aluminium wax to the tank. Use a clean rag to work the wax around, keeping it as thin and even as possible. You should only have to rub the tank for a small while and the wax should disappear.

Use a clean rag to wipe down the tank once more. This will remove any last puddles of polish or wax, and it will remove any contaminants that have been blown into the wax.

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