How to Calculate the Volume of a Sphere with Microsoft Excel

Although calculators simplify many aspects of mathematics, it can be cumbersome to enter formulas repeatedly such as the formula for the volume of a sphere, which is the product of 4/3, Pi and the cube of the sphere's radius. Using a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel, you can enter this formula a single time. Excel then calculates the volume of a sphere automatically when you type the measurement of its radius.

Place the cursor in cell A1 of a blank spreadsheet. This is the cell in the upper-left corner of the spreadsheet. Type "Radius" and press "Enter" to drop to cell A2 below.

Type "Volume" in cell A2, then press the right-arrow key to move to cell B2.

Type "=4/3_Pi()_B1^3" without quotation marks in cell B2. This formula tells cell B2 to display the volume of a sphere when the radius of the sphere is typed in cell B1.

Type the radius of the sphere in cell B1 to display the volume in cell B2.

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