How to Make a Poseidon Costume

Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea, earthquakes and horses, is a very important god in Greek Mythology. He is the father of many other gods and goddesses, including Theseus, Pelias and Neleus. For your next costume party, look like you've just stepped (or swam) out of your ocean kingdom.

Make a toga out of a piece of light green fabric by wrapping the sheet around the waist and across one shoulder, securing firmly with safety pins. The light green color gives the illusion of being under the sea for a long period of time.

Attach some seashells and fake sea creatures, such as seahorses and sea stars, to a long piece of fishing net using safety pins or fishing wire. Fishing net made of rope works best. Drape the fishing net across the shoulder, opposite the toga shoulder. Secure the decorated fishing net to the toga using safety pins.

Purchase a trident online or make one using a pitchfork. Paint the pitchfork gold to make it resemble Poseidon's mystical trident. Decorate it with leftover fishing net, seashells and sea stars.

Find a pair of brown multi-strapped sandals to go with the Poseidon costume.

Get some accessories to go along with the Poseidon costume. These can include pearl necklaces and a crown. This crown can be a plastic crown found at a costume shop and decorated with seashells and other fake sea creatures.

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