How to sell your gold plated jewellery

Sam Robinson/Photodisc/Getty Images

Gold-plated jewellery consists of one type of metal covered in 14, 18 or 24-karat gold. It’s usually a little cheaper or less expensive than solid gold, but that also means you won’t earn as much money by selling it. The same people that buy solid gold don’t necessarily buy plated jewellery.

You can still sell your gold-plated jewellery, but you’ll probably find that it won’t bring in as much money as you thought.

Set up your own booth at a local flea market one weekend and sell your gold-plated jewellery there, especially if you have more than a few pieces. You can price the pieces as low or as high as you want, but remember to disclose that it’s plated and not solid gold.

Look through your phone book to find the phone numbers of jewellers in your area. Call each one directly and ask if they buy gold-plated jewellery.

Visit local jewellery stores and bring along your gold-plated jewellery. The jeweller will examine the pieces carefully and make a determination on its value. You may find that shops in the same area offer you vastly different deals based on their client base.

Take your gold-plated jewellery to pawn shops in your area. Pawn shops are typically viewed as a last resort for many people, yet many others find the owners to be fair and balanced. You probably won’t get as much as you would from a jewellery store or by selling it on your own, but it’s still an easy way to sell those pieces.

List the jewellery for sale in a classified ad in your local newspaper. You can even mention that you have a variety of pieces available and have people call or e-mail you for a full listing. This way you can set your own prices and have the buyers come to you instead of seeking people out.