How to make a breakable WWE table

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“Tables, tables, tables!” is a frequent chant that can be heard at a live WWE event. To help prevent full damage, WWE tables are specially assembled to break and support falls from WWE superstars. You can easily make a table like this for use in a WWE match.

Full impact table

Purchase a large piece of plywood.

Spraypaint the wood with a dark brown colour to replicate the colour of most WWE tables.

Flip the table upside down. Screw in four wooden legs that should also be made out of plywood. Aluminium pipes would work also.

Stand the table up to make sure it is sturdy enough to stand on its own.

Use the table in the match. To make sure the table breaks correctly, have the person collide with the table in its exact centre.

Easy breakaway table

Find a premade plywood wooden table.

Smash or cut through the centre of the table without breaking off or shattering too many pieces.

Apply small areas of wood glue to the crack in the wood and put the table back together.

Slam a wrestler through the centre of the table. It should break along the same line and the table can even be reused in future matches if not too damaged.

Double-check the crack in the table to make sure that there are not any loose sharp pieces if you wish to reuse the table again.

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