How to Get Private Funding for the Performing Arts

Performing arts are important to society because the arts enrich the lives of performers and audience members alike. Performing artists use their skills in music, dance and acting to create performances that entertain, provoke and create an impact.

However, for an arts company, ticket sales are not enough to fund programs and pay artists. Most companies apply for various funding from different sources to keep the dream going. Here are ways to get private funding for the performing arts.

Contact businesses who have a presence in the community. Ask those businesses to sponsor your initiatives. A lot of businesses establish a good reputation by being involved in various community projects. Giving to the arts is a great option for them. Letting them know of the tax benefits and advertising opportunities involved with the donation can be the final advantage that wins a company over to giving.

Seek foundations that provide grants and fellowships. A lot of foundations are arms of giant companies and trusts. These foundations are established for the main purpose of providing funding to the arts. Philanthropic organisations are a charitable way to impact society by helping its artists develop and showcase their art. Contact a philanthropic foundation and inquire about grants. Gather materials and complete the application ahead of the deadline since this process can be rather time consuming.

Contact alumni. Artists may be able to secure funding by contacting the alumni centre of his or her university. Inquire about alumni who may own or lead corporations. Particularly in prestigious universities, successful alumni have gone on to be executives, and they may be able to influence their company to fund the progress of a performing arts company.

Network with the arts industry. Arts commissions, especially in major metropolitan areas, help artists acquire funding by connecting them to companies and offering insights about maintaining a theatre company. They may have a list of companies that offer grants, or they may even have applications readily available for those who are seeking help. Corporations and foundations also contact the arts commission to inform them of application information and updates.

Ask around in the arts community. Word of mouth is sometimes the best way to know who can help...and who can't. This will save you both time and money in the long run.