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How to Become a Farmer Without Experience

If living off the land is something that attracts you, but you have no experience in farming, then you can pursue a number of different avenues. Before you begin your new adventure though, you must be prepared for long hard working days and an ongoing battle with Mother Nature. If you are ready to accept those realities, then try a few of these tips to become a farmer without experience.

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  1. Find the land first. If you already possess enough land to grow a field of produce that would sustain your own needs, then you may decide to start there. If you plan on making money from the sale of your crops, then you will need a much larger plot of land.

  2. Shop around with a realtor who knows the farming business and can steer you toward the types of properties that you need to fulfill your business plan and future goals.

  3. Choose a crop that is easy to grow to start your first year. Crops such as corn, potatoes, tomatoes and beans are relatively easy to cultivate and can infuse your enthusiasm with success before you start into more exotic crops.

  4. Hire farmhands with plenty of experience. If you live in an area that uses a lot of migrant workers, then ask around for an experienced foreman who can lead the team and teach you as the season progresses. Learning Spanish may be as vital to your farming education as learning how to rotate crops.

  5. Build relationships with your local county extension agents who help new and old farmers learn their way through the system of selling and growing their crops. They often have answers to questions that come up as you go along, such as what kinds of non-toxic pesticides kill certain bugs, or what to plant in a drought.

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