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How to Keep Flies Out of Your House

Flies in the summertime are annoying, with their propensity for buzzing and landing on food. But inside the house, they can breed, making maggots and more flies. They can also spread disease and bacteria. Controlling the fly population by keeping the flies out of your house is imperative in the summertime.

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  1. Start by keeping doors closed and teaching children to do the same. Install screens on windows and make sure they're in good repair. It doesn't take much of a hole in a screen for flies to crawl inside.

  2. Try hanging a plastic bag or bubble wrap outside of your doors. Some people will fill the plastic bag with water or put a penny or tinfoil inside the bag. In theory, the fly will see its reflection and think a big insect, such as a spider, is in the doorway.

  3. Hang plants that repel flies by windows and doorways. Lavender and basil are popular choices.

  4. Make sure you're keeping your house and outside area clean. Pick up any pet droppings, avoid leaving garbage outdoors, clean litter boxes and pet cages, and clean up any leftover foods. Take out the trash and make sure you keep drains clean. In addition, don't leave standing water next to doorways, inside or outdoors.

  5. Use fly traps. There are many products on the market such as sticky strips and fly traps that catch flies and prevent them from getting into the house. There are even some non-toxic ones on the market.

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