How to install a pantile roof

Pantile roofing has been around for along time and has approved quality. Pantile roofing is an open gauge interlocking clay tile that was designed to make a natural clay roof more affordable. Mostly used in the UK, Pantile roofing adds character and attraction to any roof and is highly sought after. With the newer pantile clay roofing available you too can add pantile charm and beauty to your home's roof.

Lay down a two part peel and stick adhesive roofing material on your roof before you lay down any batten or pantile roof tiles. This membrane is what waterproofs and protects the roof.

Nail down a 1-1/2 in. piece of pine or fir across the horizontal span of your roof. This is called a batten. The pantile roof tiles will be nailed to the batten by the projecting nib on the back. There will be a batten strip for every tile layer.

The battens need to be spaced evenly to ensure the tiles maintain the appropriate lap over their underlying neighbour. The nib on the back of each pantile roof tile is what holds the tile in place when it is laid on the batten.

Lay the pantile so that the downturn of one overlaps the upturn of the next. Half round or V shaped tiles are then placed on the ridge of the pantile roof. Embed the ridge tiles in lime mortar to provide extra security from high winds.

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