How to Make Edible Glass With Sugar

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Making edible glass with sugar can be a fun activity to share with your kids. Edible glass can be used in crafts, desserts recipes or even science projects. Gather some basic materials and use the following tips to make your own edible glass with sugar.

Butter a cookie or baking sheet. Place the sheet in the refrigerator for a few hours until the sheet cools to the refrigerator's temperature.

Warm a frying pan over low heat.

Measure out 120 grams/1 cup of sugar and add the sugar to the pan.

Use a spoon to stir the sugar while it heats. Continue to stir the sugar while it clumps and turns brown. Scrape the sides and bottom of the frying pan regularly so that all the sugar melts at the same time.

Keep heating and stirring the sugar until all clumps have dissolved into a liquid. Turn the heat off as soon as all clumps disappear.

Retrieve the cookie or baking sheet from your refrigerator. Use a spoon to pour the sugar into the sheet. Smooth the surface of the sugar with the spoon.

Let the sugar cool on the sheet. Once the sugar cools completely, peel your new glass off of the baking tray, set it on a flat surface and enjoy your edible glass.

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