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How to Turn a Garden Work Shed Into a Craft & Sewing Room

Updated April 17, 2017

A garden work shed is an excellent option for renovating into a craft and sewing room. Many times, garden work sheds are in the perfect location to inspire the creativity that goes into craft and sewing projects. Most garden sheds have a cute exterior and even a few windows; these windows are great to let in natural lighting to view projects even better. Additionally, the separation offered by having a little space set aside, not attached to your home, will give your craft and sewing space a little privacy and a convenient barrier from the activity in your main house.

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  1. Have a qualified electrician run electric to your garden work shed if it is not already wired. Buy your own supplies, which will include wire to the code in your state, circuit breaker (to be added to the main home), outlets, wall switches, light fixtures, and fan fixtures. It may be necessary to pull a permit and get an inspection depending on your state and local laws and codes.

  2. Close in your walls if you desire. Use pegboard, siding, or drywall, or a combination of these options. At least one area, panel, or wall finished with pegboard will be very convenient for hanging tools, thread spools, and ribbons.

  3. Draw a rough draft of your garden shed with the length and width of the walls, as well as window placements and dimensions. Then place your crafts and sewing room specifications and layouts on paper. Do you want a sewing desk right in front of the window with shelves holding material on the sides of the windows? Do you desire to hang a shelf close to the ceiling around the entire room to hold material, boxes, crafts, or storage boxes filled with craft supplies?

  4. Install flooring if needed -- wood or tile are easy to install, seal, and clean. Paint your room or any shelving you want painted -- some shelving might need to be installed and then painted later. Create a colour scheme or palette for your room.

  5. Install all shelf brackets, built-in shelving units or free-standing shelves, and work areas you want. Build your shelves from scratch, purchase shelving from a home improvement warehouse, or have a handyman create built-ins for you. Make sure that you have more than enough storage. Paint, stencil, or customise your shelving or furniture as your desire.

  6. Select and install ample lighting options or fans if you desire. If you live in hot, humid area, consider a window AC unit. Chandeliers can be an excellent touch for a craft and sewing room.

  7. Add finishing touches like curtains, chair covers, rugs, and artwork. Personalise the space. Make it inspiring to you to enhance your creativity.

  8. Purchase storage bins, storage boxes, and fabric bins to store your supplies. You probably already have many supplies -- label the containers to make it easier to find your craft and sewing supplies later. Put your storage containers in place.

  9. Tip

    Make sure that you have more lighting and outlets than you need. For instance, some embroidery machines can be run with a laptop and you will need ample outlets.


    Ceramic kilns will need special outlets; check the kiln first. Also contact your electricity company to make sure your current wiring will handle the load. You might need a separate meter and box. Kilns will also need adequate ventilation -- consult a specialist regarding this.

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Things You'll Need

  • Electrical wire
  • Outlets
  • Switches
  • Lighting
  • Pegboard
  • Shelf brackets
  • Hardware
  • Stud finder
  • Hammer
  • Drill
  • Level
  • Closet pole
  • Fabric bins
  • Storage boxes
  • Wood
  • Shelves
  • Chair
  • Stool

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