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How to create a sexy toga

Updated April 17, 2017

The next time you're invited to a toga party "Animal House"-style, spice up your Greek garb. While some toga-making tips can leave your mind spinning, check out this easy how-to article on how to make a sexy toga. Leave those floor-length sheet togas at home and show some leg!

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  1. The sexy toga is short and feminine. Pick up some cheap white sheets or go glam with a white silk fabric. Spray a white sheet or white silk fabric with gold non-toxic glitter spray paint. Or, to amp up your toga, choose a unique fabric colour like gold or silver to create your look.

  2. Measure the length from your bust to where you want the toga to stop. For example, measure from your bust to mid-thigh. Then, mark that length with a pen on your sheet or fabric.

  3. Cut the sheet at that point. Make sure to cut enough fabric so that you can wrap the sheet around you.

  4. Once you cut the fabric, wrap the sheet around you. Tuck the end of the sheet on the side of your body. Then, cut a V-neck into the sheet to reveal cleavage. Add double-stick tape to the inside of the fabric of the V-neck to avoid revealing too much skin.

  5. Enhance your look with a Grecian-style wig, such as blond curls, and a crown of gold leaves.

  6. Tip

    If you're having trouble creating a sexy toga or don't have the time to make it yourself, purchase one at an online costume store or at a local costume shop. These are popular items and usually easy to find.


    Remember to wear white or flesh-toned undergarments, especially if you are wearing a light-coloured toga.

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