How to Treat a dry socket

Getting your wisdom teeth removed is definitely one of the most painful and dreaded procedures a person can have done. Something a little higher on the pain scale is getting a dry socket after your wisdom teeth have been removed. This occurs when the open cavities where your wisdom teeth used to reside become dry and extremely painful. There are ways to get through the pain and they are described below.

Get it flushed. Go visit your dentist or oral surgeon who performed your procedure. They will give you the initial jump on healing your dry socket. The doctor should flush out the socket fully to remove any food or debris that have gathered. They will do this with either water or medicated solution. Just getting it cleared out should help relieve some pain.

Use medicated sponges or dressings. Allow your dentist to pack the dry socket(s) with medicated sponges or dressings. This is usually just gauze or something similar. Often times they may even be dissolvable so you won't have to worry about removing them and causing more pain. These sponges should numb the area and provide relief for a few hours up to a day. It is only a temporary solution but can help you on the road to recovery.

Medicate yourself. Medicating yourself is a given when you get your wisdom teeth pulled but it is a necessity for a dry socket. You will want an effective medication, which will allow you to sleep and get through your day. A lot of over the counter medication works such as Tylenol Extra Strength. Give Tylenol or something similar a chance for a little over a day. If it does not work for you, you may want to have the dentist prescribe something stronger such as Vicodin.

Splurge for some Orajel. Relief should come for you with the medications mentioned above but applying Orajel to your dry socket and mouth can provide extra comfort. Orajel is a numbing gel or solution, which only provides temporary care. When you are in extreme pain however that temporary care will be more than welcome. Aside from the daily gel they do have an over night cream which can be effective.

Consider the syringe for home. While at the dentist they may give you a plastic syringe with a curved end. If not feel free to ask them for one. This will be a fantastic tool to help your healing process along. Use the syringe in order to continually clean out the socket like your doctor did, and to medicate yourself. Mix water with Orajel and squirt it into the dry socket. This will clean it as well as provide you relief. You can also place salt water into the syringe; this will clean and encourage healing, although it will not taste the best.

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