How to super clean your spa bath tub

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Spa tubs are a luxurious addition to your bath space, and perfect for when you need to wind down after a rough day. Like any other type of tub, your spa bath needs to be cleaned weekly or bi-weekly depending on the amount of use the tub receives. Cleaning is even more important with this type of bathtub because dirt and residue settle inside of the tub jets. Use ingredients that quickly clean the spa tub surface as well as the jets.

Fill the tub with hot water. Check to be sure all jet openings are submerged.

Pour 1/2 cup bleach into the tub as disinfectant.

Add 1/4 cup dishwasher detergent to the bath water for cleaning power that will clean the jets as well.

Turn on the spa tub jets and let run for 15 minutes minimum.

Drain your spa bath and refill it again with plain water this time. Run your jets an additional 15 minutes and drain.

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