How to Create a Rubber Band Bracelet

You may be familiar with the colorful bracelets made of rubber bands that have become very popular in recent years. Everybody from elementary school children to construction workers can be seen showing support for their favorite cause or raising awareness about an important issue by wearing them. Making a personalized rubber band bracelet is a fun project for any age, and an inexpensive way to promote a cause.

Select a rubber band that fits your wrist.

Decorate the rubber band with metallic and pastel gel marking pens. You can write the name of your favorite political party, religion or charity, or write your name. Or, decorate the rubber band bracelet with patterns such as polka dots, stripes, hearts or stars.

Allow the ink to dry completely.

Punch a hole in the band, and put the button style hair snap through the hole.

Host a rubber band bracelet party. Provide rubber bands and plenty of metallic and pastel gel marking pens to go around. Serve some popcorn and lemonade, or any snack you prefer.

If you don't have colored rubber bands, you can color plain rubber bands with permanent markers. Use light colors because you'll be writing over it, and remember that the marker may rub off on your skin or your clothing.

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