How to Earn Money by Making and Selling Crafts

Earn Money by Making and Selling Crafts

Crafting is a popular hobby that usually results in an abundance of homemade items littering the house. Rather than accumulate boxes of crafts that will never be looked at again, sell the crafts and make money doing something that is very enjoyable.

Prepare a marketing plan. There will be two general markets, friends and family or wide scale distribution. Friends and family can only buy so many crafts before they tire of the product. Wide-scale distribution will result in more customers, which equals more sales.

Determine which product will be the biggest money maker. Look to produce a product that is appealing, in high demand and easy to produce. An excellent product line is body care. The product is used up on a regular basis, and the consumer will seek out replacement product.

Examine the current products already on the market. Price the craft reasonably. Make sure all production expenses are covered as well as a small profit. Too many people undercharge for their product and end up losing money on the whole endeavor.

Spread the word about the product up for sale. Word of mouth is an amazing PR tool, and best of all it's free. If possible, hand out samples that will leave prospective customers wanting more.

Sign up for local craft sales. Start with a few small shows and work up to the larger weekend-long shows.

Approach area shops. Offer to sell products on commission or for a flat resale. The more exposure the product receives, the more product will sell.

Branch out to the Web. Selling the product on the Internet will allow contact with countless prospective buyers. The only drawback is the product may sell out, leaving customers wanting more.

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