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How to reduce redness after waxing

Updated February 21, 2017

Many times after a waxing, you will notice that you have some redness of the skin. This is the natural result of yanking hair out of follicles and should be expected. However, there are a few simple ways to reduce the redness and help get you up and on your way.

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  1. Apply an ice pack to the waxed area for a few minutes after the treatment. Not only will this reduce the redness associated with the waxing, but it will also reduce the discomfort that usually accompanies the procedure.

  2. Rub on some tea tree oil, which comes from an Australian tree. It is known for its medicinal purposes, including getting rid of inflammation, healing wounds and the easing of pain. It is perfect for taking the discomfort out of waxing and lessening redness.

  3. Dab witch hazel on the affected area after your waxing. Among its other wonderful benefits, this natural astringent is known to possess healing properties and has been shown to be an effective way to reduce redness.

  4. Use an antiseptic cream or lotion that heals, cools and soothes the skin after waxing. has a number of choices (see Resources below).

  5. Refrain from taking hot showers or baths for several hours following your waxing, as hot water tends to be an irritant to the skin. You should also avoid getting in the water at the beach, as the salt also irritates tender skin.

  6. Take a couple of antacids such as Rolaids or Tums before your waxing treatment. It is surmised that antacids may block histamines and thus reduce redness.

  7. Tip

    Keep an aloe vera plant handy at all times. This wonder plant is used for all types of skin conditions because of its regenerative properties. Although it is processed into gels and other products, it is just as easy to cut a leaf off and apply the liquid from the plant onto your skin. It is a great remedy to be used after waxing.


    Be gentle when washing skin before and after your treatment. Scrubbing the skin will make it more sensitive to the wax and will likely make the skin even redder than what would normally be expected. Don't use deodorants, perfumes or other products with harsh chemicals for about 24 hours after a waxing. These can all irritate the skin and cause unwanted reactions.

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Things You'll Need

  • Tea tree oil
  • Aloe vera plant or gel
  • Antiseptic cream or lotion
  • Ice pack
  • Antacid

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