How to Treat Mouse Elbow

We've all heard of tennis elbow, but today many people suffer from mouse elbow. The repetitive use of a computer mouse causes this ailment.Hours spent working a mouse can wear and tear the tendons in the wrist, forearm and elbow, resulting in mouse elbow. Here's how to treat this modern-day malady.

Apply ice to the elbow to reduce inflammation and ease pain. Apply it two to three times per day for 20 minutes each application.

Take anti-inflammatory medication such as ibuprofen for a few days. Follow manufacturer directions on the label when taking over-the-counter medication.

Wear a strap or support often used to treat tennis elbow to rest the elbow until pain and stiffness subside.

Stretch the muscles of the lower arm to help relax the elbow. Stretching and strengthening the muscles that support and work the elbow can treat and prevent mouse elbow.

Rest. Take a break from the computer mouse for a few days. This stops the elbow from getting aggravated and gives it a chance to heal. Otherwise, the problem can worsen.