How to Become a Professional Snooker Player

Snooker is a game of skill, precision and strategy. Like any sport, it takes dedication and talent to achieve the status of a professional. Follow these guidelines to give you the beginnings of your new career; but, ultimately it's up to you to be the pro.

Understand the guidelines. The U.S. Snooker Association is responsible for the regulation and governing of all professional games in the country. Check that you meet the guidelines (see Resources) to qualify as a professional.

Practice. Even if you have bags of natural talent, nothing is a substitute for extensive practice. Good balance, stance and comfort with varied shots are essential for success in the game. If possible, receive guidance from an already established player to find the tricks of the trade.

Be spotted. The best way to attract attention and find interested parties is by showing off your talent. Regional competitions and national tournaments will give you a chance to perform and hopefully get the attention of a talent scout. Alternatively, being acquainted with an already professional player may get you a foot in the door.

Get sponsored. Being a full time professional player means that you will need a full time salary. Unlike more publicized and popular sports, snooker players do not receive large payouts for competing or even winning tournaments. The best way to supplement your income is by getting sponsored by a company and receiving royalties from advertising and endorsing merchandise.

Be a showman. In a world where successful sports stars are also heavily publicized celebrities, stand out from the crowd. Snooker is a relatively low-key sport with limited global attention and as a result seeks new and interesting players that can excite the audience, increasing the sport's popularity and exposure.

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