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How to Write an Acceptance Letter

Acceptance letters are a professional response to a company, organization, or business, that offers you employment. By sending an acceptance letter to the respected organization, you are accepting the position that has been offered. Therefore, your letter serves as a rough contract. For this reason, this letter should reflect your professional conduct. Here are a few tips.

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  1. Use a standard business format when writing your letter. Your information (name address, phone number) should be at the top of the letter, followed by the company's name, address and phone number. The company's information should be directly under yours, two spaces down.

  2. Use a standard font. Fancy fonts are often hard to read and are also unprofessional.

  3. Address the letter to the individual who offered you the position.

  4. Keep the letter short. Thank the individual who offered you the position, and state the exact job you were offered. Being too wordy and rambling is very unprofessional and not necessary for this type of business letter.

  5. Restate the terms of your employment in the second paragraph. Include terms such as: salary, benefits, location, and hours.

  6. Proofread the letter. Do not tarnish the impression the company has of you by sending them a letter full of mistakes.

  7. Print your letter on high quality paper such as resume paper. Make sure the words on the letter do not smudge.

  8. Sign your letter, make a copy of it for your records. Mail in your acceptance letter.

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