How to Import Goods From Vietnam

Import Goods From Vietnam

Depending on the country you want to import goods from, you may run into some challenges. In the case of imports from Vietnam, there are certain tariffs, taxes and regulations that must be understood and followed by your company. Often a license will need to be issued by the state and federal government in order for you to become an importer of Vietnamese goods.

Submit all the documentation that is required for the import of goods from Vietnam. Your document package will include a customs dossier and the original version of the importing plan approved by the Ministry of Commerce.

Find the Customs office where you need to register your imports. If there is no actual Customs office, there will be another office that performs the duties of the Customs office.

Investigate where the inspection office is while you are in pursuit of the Customs office. The Director of the Customs Department will determine if your imported goods from Vietnam can be inspected at the factory or warehouse.

Determine if your imported goods are taxable or not. There are some Vietnamese imports that are duty free. It is not the job of Customs to tell you what is taxable and what is not. You need to be informed before you try to import goods.

Get caught with banned products and you will not only be fined, you may also find that you are under criminal investigation which could result in jail time.

Learn what it means to import goods from Vietnam before you attempt to do so. As with all foreign trade, there are very specific guidelines-rules and regulations on imports from Vietnam are legislated by the United States and the Vietnam governments. They serve a purpose.

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