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How to Buy a Crypt

Death is both inevitable and expensive. Dealing with burial details in advance will save survivors stress in the future. Now that going green and saving space is fashionable, internment after death in a crypt makes perfect sense. Buying a crypt inside a mausoleum is definitely good for the environment and can cost about the same as a traditional burial. It also walks well for those who have irrational dreams of being buried alive. Below are a few tips about buying a crypt.

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Know what type of crypt you want to purchase. Do you want mausoleum crypt (above ground) or lawn crypt (underground)? How many people do you wish it to hold? Decide upon these factors before beginning your search and make a note to take with you to funeral planning meetings.

Look on the Internet to search for local cemeteries that offer crypt facilities. You can also contact churches, cemeteries and funeral planners by phone. Make sure they carry the type of crypt you actually want.

Visit the mausoleum of your choice. Things look different on the Internet than they do in person and it is always a good idea to make sure you are satisfied with the location of your final internment before making a purchase.

Decide on a shutter engraving and write it down. This plaque goes in front of the entombed body and usually includes the person's name and their birth and death dates. Take this paper with you to meet the internment planner to avoid miscommunication and devastating spelling mistakes.

Meet with the funeral director or whoever you are purchasing the crypt from to make arrangements. This allows you to explain your wants and needs, create a contract for purchase and get everything in writing.

Get prices itemized so you know exactly how much you will be paying for each service. Crypts need maintenance and you should know the total cost of services not just the price of the crypt. Make sure to get itemized list and guarantee of prices in writing.

Pay for your crypt. Payment plans are usually available and it is better to pay now than defer to insurance. Usually, prices are only guaranteed at time of original purchase and it is safe to say, they will only increase with time.


Crypt location within the mausoleum can determine price. Generally, those at eye level cost more. If you purchase a crypt privately, check with your cemetery about their policy on containers purchased off site. Keep proof of purchase and other arrangements in your fire box or safe and review every few years.

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