How to Convert a Garage Into a Game Room

Converting a garage into a game room adds value to a home and a new, fun area for gaming and relaxing. Game rooms became very popular in the 1960s and 1970s but fell out of favor when home space began to be used for other purposes. Many from the 1950s converted their bomb shelters into game rooms. Use these steps to convert your garage into a game room.

Measure the garage. Take careful note of the square footage of the space to better understand how the room will be set up.

Remove all of the existing furniture or items in the garage. Many people add a shed or outbuilding to accommodate the items moved from the converted garage.

Tape off and paint the room according to desired plan. Check the walls for adequate power plugs and patch any existing holes before applying the paint.

Carpet or refinish the floors to taste. In the 1960s and 1970s, artificial turf was a common floor covering, as was shag carpet.

Move the new equipment into the space. Pool tables, foosball tables and a ping-pong table are almost staples of a traditional garage game room.

Bring in a jukebox. Many game rooms of the era had large, record spinning jukeboxes to entertain the guests in the game room. Today, most contemporary jukeboxes have CD or MP3 features that allow an enthusiast to expand their music catalog.

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