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How to Select a Fantasy Football Team Name

The pride of owning a winning fantasy football team comes complete with bragging rights. Selecting team names is not something that experienced players do lightly. In fact, many of them pore over this decision for as long as they can before they absolutely have to select a name. After all, when you carry that trophy around, you'll want it inscribed with something you can share with everyone you know.

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  1. Select the name of an existing NFL team or of a team from another league. Nobody said you had to choose something original. You can find a database of team names at (see Resources below).

  2. Use an online name generator such as or for some ideas (see Resources below).

  3. Go with something funny, such as the Football Zombies or the Smackdown Clowns. Everybody likes humor, and your funny fantasy football team name will put more laughter into an already entertaining time. Having everyone in your league select something funny will add to the competition.

  4. Choose something clever. Integrate something about yourself into your name. You could incorporate your name, profession, your location, your company name or your department at work. Two examples are MegaHurtz and Maine-iacs.

  5. Avoid something you will be embarrassed about later, such as Here for Beer or Drunken Fools. It may seem funny at first, but when you go to get that trophy engraved or show it to your girlfriend, it probably won't sound as good as it did when you chose it.

  6. Name your fantasy football team after your pet or a family member. You could also use your own name as a good choice for your team, because you get to play owner and general manager of the team.

  7. Have everyone in your league either keep their team names the same each year for consistency or change them for fun. Your team will develop its own persona when you have the same name year after year. On the other hand, when you change your name every year you will get a chance to exercise your creativity. You'll also keep your competition guessing because they won't know who they are playing.

  8. Warning

    Avoid selecting a vulgar or profane name. This can easily get your team deleted by the league or the host site.

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