Father of the Bride Speech Ideas

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Your daughter is all grown up and moving on with her groom. One final fatherly honour is the speech you give as father of the bride. Picking a direction in which to steer the speech can often be difficult, as emotions run high on this special day. Early preparation of the speech will be a great help to keep your thoughts on track and ensure that everything you want to say is expressed.

Childhood Memories

As the father of the bride, who better to speak about the bride and how she has grown into the wonderful, lovely young lady she has become. Many clever anecdotes will provide a happy and heartfelt speech keeping the wedding guests entertained as you reflect on your fondest memories of your daughter as she was growing up. If the groom was a part of her childhood, including stories about this may be a good choice, too.

The Days to Come

Talking about the future for the bride and her husband gives wonderfully hopeful and bright insight into the hopes and dreams of not only the newly married couple, but the wishes of you and the bride's mother. Dreams, career plans, change of location, children and so on can all be touched on in addition to your pride in your daughter and the goals she and her groom have set for themselves.

Welcome the Groom Into the Family

Include the groom in part of the speech especially if he played an important part in the bride's life as she was growing up. You can speak about how you first met your now-son-in-law, and share touching and funny stories about the bride and groom since they first met. Mentioning the groom's parents and welcoming the blending of the two families is a nice gesture and helps to include them more in the event.

Meaningful Music

If your family is musically inclined or has a strong musical background, a brief toast can be made after dedicating a song to her. You can pick a song that holds meaning for you, the bride and the couple or for the family as a whole and perform it in honour of the bride and groom at the reception. Perhaps the bride's mother can also participate in the song by singing or playing an instrument.

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