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How to Convert a Garage Into an Art Studio

Every artist needs a studio, but few people have the space in their own homes to create one. Many garages are nothing but storehouses of old picture albums and hula hoops. Converting your garage into an art studio can be an efficient process if you have a plan. The following are a few steps to help you convert your old garage space into a hideaway for artistic creation.

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Survey your garage space, and determine if you will have enough room to convert the space to a studio. Bear in mind that a studio space does not have to be huge--enough room for you and your supplies is all you really need.

Sift through the clutter in your garage, and place items in boxes. Have two boxes of things you need and the rest things that can be thrown or given away.

Remove bugs and cobwebs so that your workspace is clean and comfortable. Feel more at home in your new studio by accenting with personal items.

Transport your art equipment into your new studio space. Place your supplies in optimal positions for your comfort and ease of creation.

Decorate your new art studio with your own art. This provides a sense of inspiration and personality and ensures your claim on this new beautiful space.


Considering painting your garage to reflect a color you think aids you in your creative journey. An artist's space should reflect the personality of the artist but also be functional. If you want to completely renovate your garage into a studio space, this can be costly. Get an estimate from a knowledgeable contractor, so you know what to expect when beginning your renovations.


Do not give license to enter your art studio without your permission. This is your personal space and should be a refuge away from the confines of your life outside that space.

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