How to become a race car driver

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Car racing is an exciting sport to watch and even more exciting when you are the one racing at dangerous speeds around a track, trying to be first. If you want to learn how to become a race car driver, read the following steps.

Decide what kind of car racing you want to do, whether it's NASCAR racing, open wheel racing, drag racing or another type of car racing.

Learn all you can about the type of racing you want to do. Read books, magazines, search the Internet and watch races on television and in person. Learn about every aspect of racing, not just driving. The more knowledge you have about racing, the better prepared you will be.

Visit racetracks and talk to anyone involved in the sport. Drivers, crew members, mechanics, track officials and owners all have lots of information to share. This can also allow you to make new friends and connections in the racing world.

Work at a racetrack or with a racing team. Sell tickets, clean the track, clean cars or car parts, run errands or even become a crew member. Working jobs like these can help you learn even more about racing from different perspectives.

Attend one of many racing schools around the country that teaches the type of racing you want to do. Race schools teach you the mechanics, basics and advanced methods of race car driving.

Start racing through a school series, which is cheaper than professional racing circuits. You may need a sponsor unless you have plenty of financial backing.

Drive a race car any chance you get. Every time you get behind the wheel equals more experience and training for you.

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