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How to Locate a Pet Dingo Breeder

The dingo is an undomesticated breed of dog that inhabits Australia and is believed to be the ancestor of all major dog breeds in the world. Of course, it is illegal to take a dingo as a pet from the wild. However, it can be difficult to locate a pet dingo breeder. Further, you must be sure that the breeder adheres to ethical standards. So, before you adopt one, make sure you know how to recognize and locate a reputable pet dingo breeder. Read on to learn how.

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  1. Understand that the dingo is recognized as a pure breed by several organizations, including the Australian National Kennel Club and the Continental Kennel Club. However, dingoes are not permitted to participate in the show ring under any circumstances, even in those parts of Australia where it is legal to breed or own a pet dingo. Therefore, don't try to locate a breeder for the purpose of showing the animal. Further, be wary of any breeder who tells you their dogs have won ribbons.

  2. Be aware that the dingo is still one of the purest breeds of dog there is. Unfortunately, however, the Australian Dingo is still facing a genetic shift in its line and is threatened with extinction due to breeding with domestic dogs. If there is any doubt about the integrity of a dingo breeder in this regard, you can have the animal DNA tested for certain genetic markers.

  3. Know that The Dingo Species Recovery Program is a collaborative effort between select breeders, conservation groups and scientists to ensure there is a supply of dingo genetic material available to assist certain captive breeding programs.

  4. Question the breeder about the lineage of the dingo you're hoping to adopt as a pet. Sometimes, breeders tend to look for certain traits to breed from (such as passiveness) or even breed dingoes that share the same ancestry. This system of breeding for type is not desirable.

  5. Turn to the Dingo CARE Network to locate a reputable breeder that participates in a captive breeding program to ensure genetically pure dingoes (see Resources below).

  6. Ask other pet dingo owners to recommend a breeder for you to work with. If you don't know any, try posting online. has an online forum dedicated to dingo pet owners (see Resources below).

  7. Tip

    The breeding time for dingoes occurs in late spring.


    In some parts of Australia, such as Queensland, it is illegal to breed dingoes. Other areas require a permit from the Department of Sustainability and Environment or other regional regulatory agency.

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