How to Install a Window in an Existing Garden Shed

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Installing a window in an existing garden shed is an easy way to infuse natural light into a normally dark area. This article describes how to install a window into an already prepared hole in the garden shed wall.

Find or buy a used window to fit the existing hole in the garden shed wall. Car boot sales are excellent sources for used wood windows.

Clean the wood and repair any broken panes of glass prior to installation.

Place the window in the opening of the garden shed wall, flush with the outside and have someone hold the window in place.

Use a small level to check for levelness (horizontal) and plumb (vertical) of the window as it sits in the opening.

Start on one end and install wood shims to level and plumb the window, then fasten the window with 6.2 cm (2 1/2 inch) wood screws to the garden shed structure. Place wood shims between the window and garden shed opening wherever you place the wood screws, approximately every twelve inches. Trim the excess shim with a sharp utility knife.

Measure, cut, and secure wood trim around the outside of the window to conceal any gaps between the window and opening.

Caulk around the wood trim and garden shed wall and paint the wood trim to match existing trim.

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