How to hang pictures on a concrete block wall without using a drill

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The traditional way to hang a picture on a concrete wall is to drill a hole into the surface and then attach the picture to nails, screws or hangers. This isn't always feasible. If you like to rotate your pictures regularly, you may not want lots of holes all over your walls. If you rent your home, your tenancy agreement may prohibit you from drilling large holes in walls. If you are looking for alternative solutions, try hardwall picture hooks or double-sided adhesive strip fixings that can be used on their own or as backing for hook fittings.

Hardwall picture hooks

Make a pencil mark at the spot on the wall where the picture will hang from the hook.

Position the hardwall hook on the wall. The hook goes on your mark; the round area goes above it.

Hold the hook at the base and hammer the pins into the wall. Use firm, sharp strokes. Hang the picture on the hook.

Adhesive strip fixings

Mark the place on the wall where the hook fitting will go or where the strip will be sited to hang the picture.

Follow the manufacturer's instructions for strip placement. Generally, if attaching strips to a picture, attach them to the frame and remove the covers. Position the picture on the wall, then remove as instructed. If using hooks, attach the strip to the hook, remove the liner and press the hook on to the wall.

Wait for the adhesive to activate according to instructions. Mount the picture on the wall or on the hook.

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