Hydrogel butt injection procedures

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Hydrogel injections are a popular way for ladies to get a rounded bottom without an invasive plastic surgery procedure with long downtime. The doctor injects the patient with the hydrogel solution during an outpatient procedure that takes about two to three hours.

The hydrogel solution is 97.5 per cent water, with the rest composed of polyacrylamide. Some doctors claim that the buttock injections create a permanent effect, but that's widely disputed. As plastic surgeon Ricardo L Rodriguez, MD states, "Hydrogel will last only about 18 months, whereas butt augmentation with fat injection is permanent." The injections are illegal in the United States, but there's an underground, unregulated market of boutique practitioners who will perform booty injections, with sometimes disastrous results.

What Happens During the Procedure?

For those who have had butt injections done in a doctor's office, the surgery takes place within an hour or two. The doctor consults with the patient to verify the areas that the patient wishes to enhance with the butt injections. Like a haircut, it's fine to bring a picture of a bottom that you'd like to emulate. After this, the doctor will ask the patient to disrobe and will prepare a thin canulla, the hydrogel and any other tools for the procedure.

The doctor makes a small incision in the skin to insert the canulla, adding the hydrogel above the muscle tissue. Armenian plastic surgeon Dr. Ashley Minas writes, "Expect multiple injections into each area of the buttocks and after each injection the surgeon will deeply massage the area which helps shape the area. It is absolutely necessary that the shape be moulded during the procedure." The patient is then wrapped in compression bandages to heal for roughly two days. Following the first booty injection, there is usually a second procedure to fill out and finalise the shape of the injections.

Hydrogel Implant Dangers

Hydrogel buttock procedures are outlawed in the United States for several reasons. Often, the hydrogel solution is "off-market," or cheaply made, carrying a risk of infection and rejection from foreign, non-inert substances. Since it's illegal, women get the buttock injections inside of people's homes in unsafe conditions. Fox News reports that two women have fallen seriously ill from these home clinic shots, and that there are huge risks involved in getting booty injections from a non-certified surgeon. Just the same, Dr. Minas sells enough hydrogel for a buttock procedure by mail for approximately £1,430 US, not including shipping.

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