Building a Breeze Block Garage

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You first need to get permission from the city or town you live in. This usually requires a building permit. Unless the lot you are building on already is approved to build an addition, you will have to obtain one of these by contacting the town offices or city hall.

Then you need to design the structure so you can present the plans to the proper people. In some cases, buildings of only a certain size are allowed on properties, and residential properties usually have what is called a footprint, the area on which a building can be built.

Finding the Materials

Breeze blocks, or breeze blocks, can be purchased at a masonry or stone manufacturer. You will have to check your Yellow Pages to find one. They are sold on pallets and typically are very inexpensive. You should figure out how many you will need by dividing the length and height of the breeze blocks by your building dimensions. You should also price concrete mortar, which is available at any hardware store.

Pricing the Job

It is important to price materials, so make a complete list of everything you need including tools, interior drywall, scaffolding and other hardware for the interior. Then go to a hardware store and write down all the prices to calculate how much it will cost. You can also get a quote from a contractor and compare the two costs. Overestimate your costs; jobs always seem to run over budget.

Doing the Work

Building a breeze block garage requires a lot of physical work, and it also requires knowledge of masonry. If you don't have mason skills, you should consider hiring a contractor to do the job for you. The fact is, a breeze block garage is a cheap structure to build if you have the manpower and know-how already in place. If not, you may be in for some headaches and might not be able to complete the job yourself. Then you will have to hire a contractor to undo what you did, plus complete the project.