Floor Covering Options for an Outdoor Shed

ULTRA F/Photodisc/Getty Images

Once you have completed your shed, you will need to choose flooring. The flooring should be low maintenance and resistant to dampness. There are a number of options to choose from; consider the benefits, style and price of each to make the best decision.

Rubber Floors

A rubber floor is durable and the cushioning it provides will often prevent items from breaking if they are dropped on the floor. Some rubber flooring is made from recycled tires, so it can have an environmentally friendly attribute as well.

All-Weather Rugs

Outdoor all-weather area rugs are made from plastic fibres and can be hosed down, making it quite low maintenance. If your shed is also a getaway for reading, artwork or just quiet time, outdoor rugs can also add to the aesthetic of the shed.


Vinyl flooring is a durable product that can withstand outside elements. It is waterproof and holds up well to extreme heat and cold. The maintenance of this product is minimal; it can be hosed off or mopped, and no special sealing is required.