Can Inner Tubes Be Put in Alloy Wheels?

Alloy wheels can be a striking addition to an automobile. However, you do need to consider whether alloy wheels are designed to run with or without inner tubes; tubeless tires offer several advantages, including improved fuel efficiency and road holding.


Some alloy, or wire, wheels are designed for use without inner tubes. The absence of an inner tube saves weight, reduces maintenance and increases the choice of low-profile tires. Typically, standard (4-inch) and wide (5.5-inch) alloy wheels are available in tubeless designs.


Traditional alloy wheels are, however, designed to be used with inner tubes. They are heavier than tubeless allow wheels as a result, making them more difficult to accelerate and decelerate rotationally.


Suitable tube tires for alloy wheels are becoming more difficult to find, so many motorists find that they need to run inner tubes inside tubeless tires. This can cause chafing of the inner tube, so that it quickly becomes flat.