My cherry laurel has yellow leaves

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A member of the rose family, cherry laurel (Prunus caroliniana) is a tree or shrub commonly cultivated for its glossy, evergreen leaves. The plant may suffer from chlorosis, a condition which causes yellow leaves.


Chlorosis is a common problem that often affects members of the rose family. Leaves turn yellow or yellow-green when a plant does not have proper access to nutrients in the soil. In cherry laurels, the condition is often brought on by alkaline soil.


Chlorosis caused by a nutrient deficiency in the soil can often be treated with supplemental fertilising. Use a fertiliser rich in iron, taking care to thoroughly wet the soil before applying fertiliser.


Cherry laurel is tolerant of a range of soils, including clay soils, so long as the roots aren't left standing in water. Avoid over-irrigating the plant, as waterlogged soil may contribute to chlorosis.

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