What is the minimum roof pitch for metal roofing?

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Various materials can serve as sturdy roofing materials -- from metal sheets to clay tiles -- to protect the building from the elements. The pitch, or slope, of a roof needs to be considered before settling on a roofing material.


Metal roofing can either be applied as a sheet or a panel. In general, this type of roofing can't be used on a flat roof; there must be some pitch to the roof for proper installation.


The pitch of a roof is expressed in a ratio of rise over run, creating a theoretical triangle with these numbers to illustrate the amount of slope. In fact, the larger the first number becomes, the steeper the slope. The minimum pitch allowed for metal shingles is a 3:12 ratio, whereas metal panelling can be applied down to a 1:12 ratio.


Since metal roofing can be applied to multiple slopes, the material is very versatile for different roof pitches. Keep in mind that, for very steep roofs, consulting a professional and having them install the material is the safest option.

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