Cytospin protocol

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Cytospinning is a method used by microbiologists to get cells ready for microscopic viewing. Cytospin protocol is a step-by-step standardisation of cytospinning procedures and is part of the process of biological and medical research worldwide.

Cytospin Preparation

First, dilute cells with phosphate buffered saline (PBS), or saline solution, with around 500 millilitres of solution for every 25,000 cells. Next, prepare the centrifuge by inserting, sealing and clamping slides, with the slides facing out, not in.

Cytospin Action

Next, load cells and spin them at speed level 10 for four minutes, or level 13 for six minutes for smaller cells. After withdrawing the saline solution from each slide, add an equal amount of 4 per cent pulverised fuel ash (PFA), a preservative, to preserve the cells. Next, repeat the spin cycle.

Cytospin Cleanup

Next, wash each slide with saline solution twice. Use a special pen called a "pap pen" to make squares around the cells. Finally, keep cells moist with more saline solution and let sit in a humidity chamber at 4 degrees Celsius until you need them.