How much does recessed lighting cost?

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Recessed lighting is subtle because the bulbs are tucked away in the ceiling and only the trim shows. Installing recessed lighting is fairly simple and affordable, which is why many choose to replace their lighting fixtures with recessed lighting. The cost of recessed lighting depends on several factors.


Recessed lighting is available in several types of bulbs. If you want to save money on your electric bill or if being environmentally friendly is important to you, opt for the low-voltage bulb models. Although these bulbs can cost £65 more, as of 2011, than basic recessed lighting bulbs, they might save you more money in the long-run.


Do-it-yourself recessed lighting kits are available for approximately £19 per light, as of January 2011. To have a professional install the lighting for you, you can spend upwards of £130 per light, according to


If you're installing recessed lighting in a finished home, you might discover insulation above the ceiling where you want the lighting to be installed. Avoid the potential of a fire by using heat-proof fixtures.