Role of Buffers in the Pharmaceutical Industry

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The pharmaceutical industry is highly controlled and carefully regulated to help prevent accidents in the taking of pills. Buffers can help to make drugs safer for consumption by lessening the harsh effects of the chemicals.


Buffers can be used to bind different drugs into a cohesive medication to make them easier to take orally. The addition of the buffer reduces the negative effects of drugs when combined by making them easier on your digestive system.


The buffer combines with the other chemical elements of the drug to protect consumers against some of the harshness of the drug. When combined, the buffer compound can reduce the negative effects of the drug as well as control the time release of the active ingredients of the drug by providing a coating agent for the pill.


Buffers can additionally be used to reduce the amount of active ingredients in a pill without reducing the size of the pill. In this instance, the buffer takes the place of the additional ingredients allowing the pill to maintain size and shape without increasing the amount of the drug, making it easier to produce different strengths of the same medication.