Finnish Firewood Stacking Technique

firewood image by Juliette Speers from

There are many ways to stack firewood. The Finnish method creates a round stack that is best for an open space. The result looks like a rounded mountain of wood and allows the wood to dry out in preparation for being burnt.

Haystack method

Common in Finland and Estonia, the Finnish method begins with a base of scrap wood or pallets to keeps moisture away from the newly chopped firewood. The dense pile of wood is inherently stable, and allows for fast drying with good air circulation.

Base to Summit

The stack begins by forming a circle on the base of scrap wood with the firewood, with the logs parallel to one another, forming a circle 7-10 feet in diameter. An inner circle is made inside the larger outer circle. Wood continue to be stacked upon the base, with the stack leaning into the centre, until the stack is about 5 feet high.

The Finish

The flat top of the cylindrical stack is topped off by stacking pieces higher in the centre and begin angling the pieces to lean outwards, narrowing the cylinder to a dull point. The top layer of firewood is covered in a tarp or by bark so rain runs off the sides and does not collect in the pile.