Hernia Belt for Women

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A hernia is an organ or tissue that sticks through an opening in the abdomen. When the abdominal wall is weak, a piece of the intestine can slip through. This results in a hernia, which you can feel and see.

Inguinal, Spieglian, Ventral or Umbilical Hernias

Both women and men can suffer from inguinal or groin hernias or umbilical hernias around the navel. Any time you have had surgery and there is an incision, a ventral hernia can develop. Wearing a hernia belt helps treat this condition. Spigelian hernias, which lay outside the outer border of your "six pack" muscles, are more common among women than men. Sometimes it is hard to diagnose this type of hernia because it is sub-muscular and there is no obvious lump. The pain also might be vague and inconsistent.

Applied Pressure

Hernia belts, for men and women, apply pressure to the area where the hernia is located. Hernia belts are adjustable to address the specific needs of the individual. The belt is worn as you do your normal daily activities.

Hernia Belts vs. Surgery

If diagnosed with a hernia, wearing a hernia belt might be the solution. The belt will not cure the hernia but it will make you more comfortable. However, surgery usually is required to remove the hernia because there is a risk of a strangulated hernia, particularly when one has an incisional hernia. The only way to get rid of a hernia is through surgery.

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