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What is the pay rate for an apprentice lineman?

Updated October 23, 2018

Linemen are electrical workers who install and maintain the distribution and transmission lines that carry power to your home. Lineman apprenticeship programs give people the opportunity to learn hands-on skills needed for a career as a lineman.

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Pay Rate

The average salary for an apprentice lineman is £23,400. Salaries vary due to benefits, company, experience, industry and location.

Pay Increases

Apprentice linemen complete a multi-step training program. Pay increases are based on completion of each step of the training program. An entry-level apprentice lineman starts out making 60 per cent of a journeyman lineman’s wage.


After completing the apprenticeship training program and passing the journeyman lineman exam, the apprentice lineman is now a journeyman lineman. The average salary for a journeyman lineman with less than one year of experience is £25,350 to £43,875.

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