The Cost of Anodizing

Anodising is the process of increasing the thickness of the surface of metal parts.

Cost of Anodizing

The cost of custom anodising metal will vary depending on the size of the project. According to the website FBM Factory, the price of single-colour anodising, as of November 2010, starts at £100. Two-colour fades and acid washes start at the price of £113, with three-color fades costing approximately £126.

Types of Anodizing

Several types of metal anodising are available. Aluminium anodising gives aluminium a stronger and wear-resistant surface. Anodised titanium is often used in dental implants. Anodised magnesium is now primarily used in paint primer. Zinc is rarely anodised, but the process leads to a hard and corrosion-resistant element.

Hard Anodizing

Hard anodising is similar to other anodising methods and costs an estimated £65 to complete. This anodising process involves a deeper penetration into the aluminium layer to produce a harder shell. This process is often used in aerospace science and other engineering fields.

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