Care of Rock Shrimp

The rock shrimp, also called the bamboo shrimp and the Singapore flower shrimp, is a type of fan shrimp with a red, brown or green body with a white or cream stripe along its back. cites it as an easy shrimp to keep in the aquarium.


The rock shrimp lives in tropical fresh water in the wild. In captivity, it requires water that ranges from 6.5 to 8 in pH in temperatures between 20 and 29.4 degrees Celsius.


Rock shrimp are omnivores; feed them with sinking food pellets that drop to the bottom of the tank and dissolve into the water. They will also eat any food that your other fish don't eat and bits of plant matter, if you place live plants in the tank.


Rock shrimps tend to be shy and nervous unless they have many places to hide. Give them a large tank with many different hiding places.

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