What do the TomTom Symbols Mean

TomTom is a leader in making GPS software and their GPS receivers are widely used throughout the world. Navigating your route can be difficult if you do not understand the meanings of the symbols that appear on the TomTom display.

Your Location

Your location will be shown on the display screen as a large arrow, unless you personalise it with another symbol. This symbol will follow the route as you drive.

Other Locations

Several other locations can be shown on the TomTom's display. A green flag with the word 'Go' symbolises your departure location. A red flag is used to mark your destination location. A round red ball is a symbol for one of your saved 'Favorite' locations. A house symbol shows your 'Home' location.

Points of Interest

Along your route, you may see small black and white symbols appear on the screen. These denote points of interest. Each has its own icon, according to its category. For example, a petrol station is shown by a gas pump. The icons and their categories can be deciphered by navigating through the point of interests section.