40th birthday travel ideas

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The 40th birthday is a milestone for men and women alike. It is illustrative of the fact that one is not yet over the hill, but definitely not a child anymore. A 40th birthday deserves a unique celebration and travelling is a wonderful way to celebrate.

Travelling with Family

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There are many family friendly places to celebrate a 40th birthday. Some destinations include Prague, Czech Republic; Venice, Italy and Aspen, Colorado. Each of these areas has activities that can involve the whole family. Visit the old churches in Prague, take a gondola ride in Venice and ski in Aspen.

Travelling with Friends

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Travelling with friends takes on a life of its own for a 40th birthday party. Travel to a beach destination, such as Cancun, Mexico. Cancun is known for its beautiful beaches and exciting nightlife. Las Vegas, Nevada and New York, NY are both fun places to have a great time with friends and let loose.

Travelling Alone

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Many cities are enjoyable to visit alone for a 40th birthday. Spend time in Washington, DC or take a cruise to the Bahamas. The US capital provides museums, cafe's and historic sites. A cruise is an enjoyable way to spend a 40th birthday eating to your heart's content and cruise's offer scheduled events perfect for the solo traveller.