Temporary Windshield Fix

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There are several options for a temporary windshield fix. You can inexpensively do a home remedy until you're able to get to your local windshield replacement shop. For a longer term solution there are glass repair kits or services that extend the life of your windshield.

Home Remedies

There are multiple home remedies that are a temporary fix for a windshield crack or chip. Super glue, clear nail polish or clear packing tape can temporarily stop the imperfection from turning into a crack. A longer term fix is glass repair kits sold by auto parts stores.

Types of Chips or Scratches

Temporary fixes are only effective on windshield chips or scratches that are not all the way through the glass. Placing your finger over the scratch will tell you if it's a surface crack or chip.


If the windshield chip worsens it could become a crack which is not only dangerous but can be illegal if it impairs your vision. Getting your windshield replaced may be your best option. Depending on your policy, it could be covered by your insurance company.