The average salary of an offshore helicopter pilot

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Offshore helicopter pilots work for the oil and gas industry, ferrying workers to and from the mainland. Salaries for helicopter pilots vary depending on the type of industry they work for.

Average Salary

As of October 2010 the salary range for offshore helicopter pilots in the oil and gas industry was £31,200 to £53,300, according to the Helicopter Source.

Average Salary by Industry

Salary ranges vary widely by industry. Pilots working for government agencies had a salary range of £26,650 to £68,250, while those in law enforcement had a salary range between £24,700 and £52,000, according to The Helicopter Source.

Average Salary Overall

Helicopter pilots in general can have above average incomes. The average salary for all helicopter pilots in the United States ranged between £33,920 and £55,246, according to PayScale data in October 2010.