Do ultraviolet lights kill bedbugs?

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When a bed bug infestation occurs or is suspected, homeowners immediately start looking for ways to kill the bugs. Ultraviolet light and light of any kind doesn't kill the bed bugs, but it does aid in identifying the problem.


Ultraviolet light doesn't kill bed bugs and neither does ordinary light. Bed bugs prefer to stay hidden during the daylight hours, but will come out to feed at any time and even if a light is on in the room.

Spotting the Bugs

Ultraviolet light is used to identify and confirm a bed bug infestation. According to, you can turn a light on in the late hours or before dawn and see the bugs moving across the bed or other furnishings in the room. Alternatively, aim a bright light at the bed and look for dark spots moving across the mattress.

Killing Bed Bugs

Kill bed bugs with commercial pesticides specifically for the bugs. Cover the mattress and box spring with specially made covers that trap the bed bugs inside. The bugs die because they can't leave and seek out food.

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