Is the Sweet Pea Plant Poisonous to Dogs?

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The Sweet pea plant is a lovely addition to any home garden or yard. However, this plant can cause serious health problems if ingested by dogs. Dog owners who plant sweet pea in their gardens must take special care to ensure their pets' safety.


Sweet pea is a member of the Papilionaceae family and is an annual. It grows to reach heights of 4 to 6 feet and thrives in full sun. Sweet pea blooms in assorted colours such as rose, pink, red, white and blue.


Sweet pea is a toxic plant that can cause serious health effects in dogs, cats and horses, according to the ASPCA. Sweet pea contains a substance known as aminoproprionitrite , which gives the plant its toxic effects.


Dogs that ingest sweet pea often develop symptoms that include pacing, head pressing, weakness and lethargy. According to the ASPCA, ingestion of sweet pea also can lead to seizures, tremors and even death.


Dog owners should contact their veterinarian immediately if they are concerned about sweet pea poisoning. Dogs that receive prompt diagnosis and treatment often have a better chance for a full recovery.

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